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Windows 10 is on the horizon. We know Windows has gotten a bad rap in the past (cough, cough, Windows 8). But when Windows 10 was announced back in September, the speculation began. Windows 10 will be available to the public in 2015. Not only will Windows 10 do away with the infamous metro tile that Windows 8 was infamous for, but will still be designed for a variety of platforms, from phones to tablets to PCs. Anyone who’s a PC gamer no doubt wonders what affect this will have on gaming.

1/10 “We Definitely Haven’t Told Our Full Story”

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Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and Microsoft studios seemed optimistic. Back in June, Spencer admitted that Microsoft “needed to do more” for PC gaming. Games for Windows Live, while it wasn’t shut down as rumors stated, suffered from developers making a mass exodus from the system. And when the marketplace was shut down, it spelled out what many called the beginning of the end for the platform.

We’re hoping that with the new OS on the horizon, we can see PC gaming receive a much needed revitalization. While we love the Xbox One, die hard PC gamers know that it’s time to spark interest back behind the computer monitor.

2/10 Direct X12

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Gamers can expect one thing. Games are going to be pretty stunning next year. Back in March, Microsoft announced Direct X12, the latest version of the graphics API. With an expected launch date of 2015, right around the holidays, it coincides nicely with Windows 10’s public launch.

The next version of Direct 3D is also expected to be released along with it. And the best part is, Direct X12 and Direct 3D 12 will not only be running on your PC but also on tablets, phones, and Xbox One. It will enable richer scenes, a new set of rendering pipelines, and a more efficient CPU utilization.

3/10 What to Expect

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However, word has been mum on what we can expect from the latest interation of Windows gaming. We’ll have Direct X12 for developers to play with. But what can we expect?

Spencer indicated that gaming was “critical to Windows’ success”. And it’s about time that Microsoft threw a bone to the PC gamers. At this point, we can only speculate on what that will mean for gaming on Windows. But we’re hoping Microsoft can deliver on that promise.

4/10 Cross Platform Capability?

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A huge complaint many gamers have is that many Xbox titles aren’t available in the Windows store. And why not? Most major releases are available for a variety of platforms. Why not allow fans to download the latest Halo release or Dark Souls?

It’s high time Microsoft allowed the PC and Xbox family to come together. If this means a Sunset Overdrive or Destiny port for PC, then we’d be pretty happy. And hopefully, any ports of Xbox titles would have the same quality on PC that we’ve come to see from Xbox One titles.

5/10 Can Windows Attract Developers Again?

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Gaming for Windows Live didn’t exactly die as was rumored by many gamers. But you wouldn’t know it by the mass exodus of many developers for the platform. From Bethesda and Square Enix, many major developers have left Gaming for Windows Live in favor of Steam.

If Windows is hoping to put another gaming platform into play, they’ll need to win back the hearts of developers and players. And that means providing ample support for PC titles, without alienating developers and players alike. Which brings us to our next point..

6/10 What Was Wrong With Gaming From Windows Live

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Sure, Gaming for Windows Live delivered on its base promise. It was gamin Ã‚¦on Windows Live. But with the popularity and functionality of Steam, it’s easy to see the holes in Gaming for Windows Live’s framework.

For one, many users were unable to access saved files without internet access. Add in problems updating the system and what was supposed to be an enjoyable experience, playing a game, was made into a major headache for many players. Should Microsoft once again want to develop a platform like Gaming for Windows Live, we need offline support, working updates, and a platform that’s user friendly.

7/10 How Will Windows 10 Help Gaming?

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Which brings us to our next point. How will Windows 10 actually help gaming? Well, we’ve got better graphics. And with Windows 10, we have cross platform support. We’re not saying you’ll be able to play Halo on your tablet but we’ve been wrong before.

And most of all, we’re hoping for a stable system and an easy to use interface. Regardless of how you felt about Windows 8, there’s no doubt there was a bit of a learning curve. But now that Microsoft hopes to hearken back to popular system Windows 7, we’ll hopefully have a more efficient, sleeker operating system that will work well with whatever games you try to run on it.

8/10 But Will They Actually Deliver?

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Fans of PC gaming have been burned before. Take Gaming for Windows Live. Gamers who decide to give Microsoft a try once again may be reluctant to give Windows a try once again. But with Spencer indicating a focus on PC gaming, we can hope that Microsoft will deliver.

And what are gamers looking for? A system that can adequately support games, without annoying updates or draconian online requirements. And, perhaps a larger catalogue of games available for PC.

9/10 It’s on the Horizon

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Either way, we’ll soon find out whether or not Microsoft plans on delivering up on its promise. Windows 10 is on the horizon- chances are, you’re either testing out the system or know a friend of a friend who’s got the beta.

2015 should be a big year for Microsoft. And let’s hope that 2015 will also herald a new, energized focus on PC gaming. If you’re a PC gamer, it’s about high time that the support was there to game.

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