Most Interesting Video Game Characters of All Time

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With so many video games that rocked our world both in the past and at present, there’s no shortage of interesting characters that we’ve accosted on our journey. From creepy stories to Ninja warriors and everything in between, you’re sure to recognize some of these faces.Take a look at some of the most interesting characters to grace our televisions- and computers- throughout the years. Don’t recognize one, or a few? Get thee to the nearest video game store, pronto!

1/10 Ryu Hayabusa [Ninja Gaiden]

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You wouldn’t be a true gamer if you didn’t know who Ryu Hayabusa was. Best known as the protagonist from the game Ninja Gaiden and from the Dead or Alive series, there’s a lot going on more than what meets the eye.

Take his claw appendages, for example, that are reminiscent of wolverine. Then factor in his crazy sword-wielding skills and you have a recipe for one very interesting character.

2/10 Pyramid Head [Silent Hill 2]

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Take a stroll through Silent Hill and you’re likely to run into this guy at one point or another, and that’s never a good thing. His very presence leaves you in a state of perpetual dread as you never know if he’s right around the corner or behind you.

The pyramid on his head is likely a representation of the pain he doles out while the blood proves he’s just a ruthless executor. Fun fact: if you’ve made it to the end of the game, you’ll actually see his twin brother, too, which means double the pain.

3/10 Big Daddy [Bioshock]

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A genetic monster, at first glance it’s hard to see what makes this character so interesting. Not to be confused with just another monster in a suit, there’s more to Big Daddy than what meets the eye.

For starters, they are a combination character—a mixture of machine and man. They’re horrifying, very frightening, but also beautiful and yes, at times loveable. You won’t know the true depth of the character until you actually play one, in Bioshock 2.

4/10 Harman Smith [Killer7]

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Wheelchair bound, yet a master assassin? How is it even possible? Harman Smith isn’t your ordinary assassin, oh, no. He has not one, two, or three, but seven personalities, all of which he is capable of manifesting differently.

What really makes Harman Smith interesting is that he is an incarnation of a demi-god that’s been fighting the eternal battle between good and evil. Need we say more?

5/10 Samus Aran [Metroid]

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A heavily armored character that you’re positive is a male. This alien-blasting heroine proved that women don’t have to be clad in sexy negligees or revealing clothing to be in a video game.

After controlling the character for 10-plus hours, gamers were understandably incredulous to learn that this badass character is actually a woman. That in itself is enough to make Samus Aran not only an enduring character in the gaming world, but one worthy of being on list of most interesting characters.

6/10 Illidan Stormrage [Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos]

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This night elf demon turned demon originally appeared as an ally, albeit an unlikely one in Reign of Chaos. His character consumed the Skull of Gul’dan, and the result is a terrifying winged creature with horns.

It wasn’t until The Burning Crusade was released that gamers saw Illidan Stormrage become a true force to be reckoned with. By the time you reach level 70 where you face him head-on, you’d best have on pants of steel or at least a change of clothes at hand.

7/10 Brucie [Grand Theft Auto IV]

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Overzealous, bonkers and juiced-up doesn’t even begin to describe Brucie’s character in Grand Theft Auto IV. This loyal ally to Niko Bellic, the game’s protagonist, his unique personality stands out against everyone else’s in the game and that’s saying something.

Known for his boisterous machismo statements that we all know are simply covering up for his sexuality (Don’t believe us? Look at the tattoo on his arm that symbolizes she-male.), the game just wouldn’t be the same without him. The game creators obviously agreed since they brought him back for The Ballard of Gay Tony and even brought his brother along to delve into some of the backstory.

8/10 Master Chief [Halo]

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If you’re looking for a true game protagonist, you’ll find him right here. Since 2001, Master Chief has all but dominated the video game world. You don’t have to see his faceand the truth is, you don’t know he means business.

One crack of a person’s skull or a fire from his rifle and you’re hooked. Playing his character has a way of making you feel 10 feet tall and invincible to boot.

9/10 Link [Legend of Zelda]

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What would this list be without the inclusion of Link, the character that made RPGs a universal standard? Inspired by true childhood memories, the game uses Link, a non-speaking child who grows as the story progresses.

At the beginning Link starts out as a youngster lacking confidence but grows into a young man that’s ready to face the world ahead of him. He’s grown so much, in fact, that he’s got 50 million sales worldwide and the title of one of the most enduring heroes of the entire gaming world. Not too shabby for an ordinary every child.

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