Super Smash Bros. is Almost Here!

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Behold, ladies and gentlemen. The only reason you need to buy a Wii U is coming to American shores in just a couple weeks. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the 3DS version, now’s your chance to get your Smash Brothers fix. But what’s new this time around? We’re going to go step by step through the game and all the new features available. Grab your Wiimotes, it’s time to smash. But beware, spoilers be ahead.

1/10 The Characters

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Oh man, the characters. Like all previous installments, this Super Smash Bros introduces a number of new characters. We’ve got our veterans, like Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu. But man, we’ve got new characters aplenty.

Brawl opened doors to third party characters, with the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS take this idea and run with it. We’ve got Mega Man and Pac Man. But that’s not all.

2/10 No Seriously, the Characters

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This time around, we have about 15 new characters. We’ve got Bowser Jr., the villager from Animal Crossing and the Wii Fitness Trainer. Pit’s got some company from his Kid Icarus series, with Dark Pit, Palutena. But don’t forget about the Pokemon Greninja. And for retro fans, we’ve got Little Mac from Punch Out!! and that infamous dog and duck from Duck Hunt. In case you were wondering, yes, you can play as a Mii.

And we’ve got Dr. Mario, who’s returning from a long absence since Super Smash Bros. Melee. As well as Mewtwo, but we’ll be talking a little more about him in a bit.

3/10 Who’s Not Back?

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Let’s have a brief moment of silence for all the characters who didn’t return for this installment. Well, fan favorites the Ice Climbers unfortunately are among them. Popular fixtures of the tournament scene, technical difficulties have been tied to their absence. The Pokemon trainer’s missing as well but Charizard decided to stick around.

Fan favorite Snake, from Metal Gear Solid, is absent for this installment as well. But with the potential for downloadable content, we may yet see some of our missing friends come back. But more on that later.

4/10 Gameplay

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So like all Super Smash Bros games, the gameplay remains the same. Smack your opponents around until they accumulate enough damage. And then, knock them off the stage. It’s simple and yet it’s what sets the Smash Bros series apart from other fighting games on the market.

We’ve got the return of Classic Mode in this version. However, for those of you who were fans of the Sub Space Embassy in Brawl, this version doesn’t have a story mode. We’ve got Stadium mode, which includes mini games including the return of the Home-Run contest, the Target Blast, and the Multi-man smash.

5/10 Stages

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We’ve got a variety of new stages included this time around. Some of these stages are unique to each version of the game. For example, the Wii U version includes a Duck Hunt tribute stage, a Pac-Land stage, and a Wii Fit Studio. The 3DS comes with a Balloonland, Gerudo Valley, and a Pac-Maze stage.

We’ve also got a return of many favorite stages, including tournament stand-by Battlefield. There’s an Onett, a Pokemon Stadium 2, and a Smashville stage.

6/10 Online Play

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Both versions of Super Smash Bros have a number of online features. Like Brawl before it, expect ample opportunity to face off against players from all over the world. And it won’t just be between friends.

There will be two modes with online play. For Fun, which includes random stages, all items, and smash battles online, is designed for casual players, with less of an emphasis on competitive gameplay. For Glory mode, however, is meant for more competitive, fast paced play. With a Final destination stage, no items, and detailed win/lose records, it’s the mode to demonstrate your smashing skills to a wide audience.

7/10 Customization

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The latest installments of Super Smash Bros also features a high element of customization. Remember how we mentioned earlier how you could play as a Mii? Well as a Mii, you can play as yourself but choose between three distinct classes, the Brawler, the Swordfighter, and the Gunner.

You can also give your Mii special items to give it additional benefits. But customization isn’t limited to Miis. Any character has the potential to be customized. You can select different variations for special moves. Some characters, like Palutena, can even select their own custom moves.

8/10 DLC

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Remember how we mentioned Mewtwo earlier? Well as it turns out, the character, who last made an appearance in Meelee but didn’t make a return to Brawl will be returning to Smash Bros once again. However, the Pokemon will not be returning as part of the base game.

Rather, Mewtwo will be available as downloadable content. If players have both versions of the game, they will be eligible to download Mewtwo in 2015. No word on whether Mewtwo will be capable of transforming into his X or Y form, that appeared in Pokemon X and Y. But this opens up the possibility of more characters and stages being available as DLC. Who knows? Maybe Snake will make an appearance.

9/10 3DS Versus Wii U

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So if you had to choose one version, which version should you buy? You’ve got options. There are a few distinct differences between both versions of the game, including stage changes and game modes.

Wii U definitely has the hardware and graphic capability to support the graphics intensive game. But with the 3DS, you’ve got the portability and unique stages, such as Gerudo valley, to give you a unique experience. Either way, we’re looking forward to have our chance at playing Smash Bros.

10/10 More Awesome Content

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